Are your emotions ruining your relationships and running your life?

Is it hard to set healthy boundaries and maintain them?

Do you often say things you regret in the heat of the moment?

Are you ready to learn how to master your emotions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this intensive is for you.


EVERY SATURDAY 4/6/2019-4/27/2019

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The "Safe Spaces & Guardrails" Intensive…

will equipt you with strategies and resources needed to increase your bond with family members, and teach you how to recognize emotional triggers, communication guardrails, and skillfully have intense conversations while creating safe spaces for your children and loved ones.


What will you learn?

how to Recognize the pitfalls of emotional triggers.

Strategies to create safe emotional spaces for your children and loved ones.

Resources to set and maintain healthy boundaries.

How to free yourself from anger, rejection, past hurts and hang-ups.